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State of the art, helping you keep your money where it’s needed most, in the classroom.

School Bus - Type C California Bus

3 year warranty

Available in Clean Diesel, Propane, and CNG

Up to 81 Passenger Capacity

Base Warranty (No extra charge)

  • 3 year 50K Mile Bumper to Bumper*

  • 7 year unlimited mileage on Allison Transmissions**

  • 5 years on Body and Chassis Paint

  • 5 years on passenger seat frames

  • 5 years on both front and rear Freightliner axles

    What’s in your garage?

    *Excludes normal wear items

    ** 2500 PTS, 2550 PTS, 2300 PTS, or 2350 PTS transmissions

Saf-T-Liner C2 Conventional School Bus -

Now Standard on the Saf-T-Liner C2:
3 year 50,000 mile bumper to Bumper Warranty and Zonar V3 GPS unit.

Thousands of young passengers count on you everyday to get them to school and back. Safe and sound. Both the 2010 compliant Saf-T-Liner® C2 and Hybrid Saf-T-Liner C2 were built with these very passengers in mind. The C2 is safe. It's reliable. And it’s innovative. We've revolutionized the school bus with outstanding maneuverability, state-of-the-art driver ergonomics and the most visibility among all Type C buses. And with one of the most extensive dealer networks in the industry, there's always support nearby when you need it. That's innovation for the sake of every kid's commute. That's Thomas Built Buses.

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Body Specifications

School Bus Safety



  • Up to 55-degree wheel cut

  • Tapered leaf suspension

  • Open driver's area without obstructions

  • Additional leg room

  • Large overhead driver's storage compartments

  • Improved rearview mirror placement

  • Side storage for clipboards and personal objects

  • Adjustable seat belt

  • Interchangeable driver smart switch placement

  • Non-reflective instrument panel

  • LED backlit gauges

  • Automotive-style heating and ventilation controls

  • Automatic entrance door

  • Full height 78" headroom

  • 33.3" high windows


  • Numbered fault code system for diagnostics

  • Automated light checking system

  • Mechanically fastened warning lights

  • Easy "walk-in-access" to engine compartment

  • Easy access to the windshield wiper motor and linkage

  • Passenger windows can be removed with just 4 screws


  • Wheelchair lift

  • Tilt and telescoping steering wheel

  • Adjustable pedals

  • Air suspension driver’s seat

  • Air ride suspension

  • Cupholder

  • AM/FM radio/CD/PA

  • Remote control/heated mirrors

  • Duct vented dash A/C

  • Various seat options available: bench seat without belts, with lap belts, with 3-point belts; latch; integrated child seat; or coachstyle seating

  • Child reminder system

  • Crossing arms

  • LED light packages

  • Engine exhaust brake

  • Acoustical ceiling

  • Luggage compartments

  • Overhead book racks

  • Reading lights

  • Tinted windows

  • White roof

  • Staggered passenger seating

You may have noticed that the C2 looks different than other Type C buses. We chose this design, quite simply, because of the outstanding visibility and safety. The windshield provides a panoramic view and when combined with the low sloping hood, low instrument panel and A-pillar windows, the C2's visibility footprint is the largest in the type C category. Plus, it offers a number of other features that enhance safety, including:


  • Saf-T-Net construction

    • Side skirt reinforcement

    • Extended roof bows

    • Welded header and rafter system

  • Double-bolted body mounting clips

  • Fuel tank mounted between frame rails

  • One-piece bonded windshield

  • Saf-T-Bond adhesive joints

  • Meets or exceeds FMVSS

Driver Visibility

  • 25% improved visibility over typical Type C bus

  • Saf-T-Vue passenger loading window

  • Low profile aerodynamic hood

  • Low instrument panel

  • Overlapping windshield wipers

School bus visibility

Propane School Bus - C2

Propane School Bus

Propane is the world's most popular clean-burning alternative fuel. In North America we have an abundant domestic supply. And it's about 40% less expensive than a gallon of gasoline or diesel on a btu basis. So it just makes sense to consider propane for school bus fleets. Setting up the infrastructure is an easy and relatively low-cost proposition.

Propane-fueled vehicles perform.

You can expect exceptional power and quiet operation from your Thomas Built Buses propane-fueled Saf-T-Liner® C2 bus. And this bus is available with popular options like wheelchair lifts and air-conditioning.

Fast Facts

Seating Capacity

  • Up to 81

  • Wheelbase

  • 219", 238", 259", 279"

  • GVWR

  • Up to 33,000 GVWR

  • Transmission

  • Allison 2300 PTS Series

  • Engine

  • 8.0L V-8 LPG by Powertrain Integration with liquid propane injection system by CleanFUEL USA

  • Power

  • HP: 350 hp @ 4000 rpm

  • Torque: 500 lb-ft @ 3100 rpm

  • Fuel Tank

  • 2-tank system, estimated 300 mile range; gas gallon equivalent of 70 gallons

  • Warranty

  • 5 years/100,000 miles


    Propane Autogas Benefits


    Abundant domestic supply of propane. More than 90% of the US's propane autogas is produced in the U.S.

    Propane autogas is the most widely used alternative fuel in the world

    Up to 60% less expensive than a gallon of diesel on a btu basis

    Horsepower and torque ratings result in exceptional power performance

    Quiet and smooth drive

    Easy and relatively low-cost fueling setup at fleet location

    Fully-integrated fuel system

    Allison 2300 PTS Series transmission

    Propane School Bus

    Thomas Bus C2 CNG School Bus

    The Thomas Built Buses Saf-T-Liner® C2 CNG, equipped with the Cummins ISB 6.7 G engine, is the industry’s first Type C bus fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG).

    The C2 CNG bus offers excellent driver ergonomics and maneuverability along with the best visibility in its class. And, Thomas Built construction standards ensure outstanding safety and long-term durability. Plus, CNG creates up to 13% less greenhouse emissions than diesel. So, if you’re looking for a greener version of your favorite yellow bus, talk to us today. We’ll help you make the best alternative fuel decision for your fleet and even advise you on how to set up alternative fuel infrastructure.


    Fast Facts

    Seating Capacity

  • Up to 81

  • CNG Benefits


  • 219", 238", 259", 279"

  • Cleanest-burning alternative fuel


  • Up to 33,000 GVWR

  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduction up to 13% less than diesel


  • Cummins ISB 6.7 G

  • Four fuel tanks (60 diesel gallon equivalent)


  • HP: Up to 240

  • Torque: Up to 560 LB-FT @ 2400 rpm

  • Maintenance-free three-way catalyst aftertreatment

    Fuel Tank

  • 4-tank CNG System, 60 Diesel Gallon Equivalent

  • Domestic fuel source reduces dependency on foreign oil


  • 5 years/100,000 miles





    Buswise logo

    At Thomas Built Buses, we believe that continuous innovation is key to making fleets more efficient, manageable and safe.

    Today we are proud to offer BusWise™ Technologies, a robust technology platform that combines the latest innovations in safety, efficiency, serviceability and fleet management. On the Saf-T-Liner® C2, we’ve integrated the industry’s best-of-breed components from proven brands like Zonar® and Mobileye® into a comprehensive suite of advanced technologies. The system is customizable, allowing you to select the features that work best for you. And everything is installed as original equipment at the factory, making this advanced technology
    more accessible than ever.
    buswise bus




    The most important safety features you’ll find on any bus. Besides the driver.

    Safety has always been the primary focus of Thomas Built Buses. Over the years we have developed numerous construction techniques that make our buses strong and durable. We have introduced a variety of unique features that better protect children and enable drivers to operate in a much safer manner. And now, BusWise makes a giant leap forward.

    For starters, the C2 with BusWise now offers a state-of-the-art warning system from Mobileye N.V. to help avoid forward collision, pedestrian collision and lane departure. It also includes a speed limit indicator and headway monitoring function. All of which can be electronically recorded and reported to transportation directors.

    BusWise provides drivers unprecedented visibility. It not only provides a backup camera, but also features the Perimeter

    View 360™ (PV360™), a 360-degree multi-view camera. Drivers can see virtually everything surrounding the Saf-T-Liner® C2. This is especially helpful when children are exiting the bus, or when a reckless driver is trying to pass a stopped bus. The PV360™ camera can assist with tricky maneuvering as well.

    BusWise also offers SmartTrac™ Electronic Stability Control (ESC) by Meritor WABCO. The system compares the vehicle’s actual movement to performance models using various vehicle sensors. When it senses instability that could lead to rollover or loss of bus control, it intervenes automatically, utilizing the brakes to decrease speed and correct any tendency of the bus to eviate from the driver’s intended path.



    “Efficiency” is an overused word. Well, until you start saving money, that is.

    You’ll be able to follow every Saf-T-Liner® C2 in your fl eet remotely with a Zonar web-based data management software platform. Customize the system for a variety of real-time alerts that monitor driver behaviors like speeding, excessive idling, hard acceleration, braking, cornering and out-of-route miles, which can lessen fuel economy. Keep track of dozens of bus functions, including seat belt use, door opening and closing,
    wheelchair-lift activation, stop-arm operation and parking brake deployment. This robust system not only puts you in control

    of your buses, it will give you greater peace of mind.
    The BusWise platform is the perfect tool for driver training. Both Zonar and Mobileye technologies allow you to identify problems and skills that require improvement. It can give drivers helpful feedback, letting them know precisely how
    to hone their skills to improve performance, safety and fuel



    Bus drivers can change frequently. Buses, not so much.

    Chances are, your buses will be in service for 20 years. Making sure they are equipped with the most advanced maintenance technology will help them stay in service without excessive maintenance costs. Besides that, maximizing vehicle uptime is critical to cost containment.

    BusWise includes remote diagnostics that can analyze fault codes to help you identify potential issues before they become serious.

    The system also automates preventive maintenance scheduling and even integrates with third-party maintenance systems. This allows you to manage shop resources and personnel
    more effectively to reduce costs. BusWise even includes a tire pressure monitoring system that alerts drivers and fleet managers to a variety of tire issues.

    buswise c2 bus

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